Building a community.
FIRST COLLECTION Shark is composed by 3333 NFTs on Elrond Blockchain
Our Special Edition of 420 Sharks NFTs is on Solana blockchain.
After the acquisition of an NFT you become the sole and exclusive owner of the Acquired NFT, more than that you become a member of Bona Parks.
Digital ownership on the EGLD blockchain & SOL Blockchain is the documentation that proves the authenticity of an artwork.
Algorithm creating rarity (Original- Rare - Super Rare ) the final provenance record stored on the smart contract.
Members get the benefits of :
-25% profit of the 1st MetaParks for the 10k NFTs Sharks
-Pre-sale for MetaCorp ( your own NFT business in the MetaParks)
-Early access in MetaParks
-Pre-sale for BonaLand
& others soon...
You will be able to mint directly on
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